Tyler N. Smith, PhD

Vice President of Research & Development

Dr. Tyler Smith leads Rivertop’s research scientists in chemical process research, application development efforts and intellectual property protection. His research team collaborates closely with engineers, customers, and development partners to bring high-performing, cost-competitive products to market.

Tyler received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Montana, specializing in oxidation and in the development of synthetic polymers derived from renewable resources. During his graduate studies at the University of Montana, he worked under the direction of Dr. Donald Kiely in the Shafizadeh Rocky Mountain Center for Wood and Carbohydrate Chemistry.


Tyler N. Smith, Kirk R. Hash, Cara-Lee Davey, Heidi Mills, Holly Williams, Donald E. Kiely, “Modifications in the nitric acid oxidation of D-glucose”

Carbohydrate Research
2012, 350, 6-12.

Tyler N. Smith, “Sugar to Glucaric Acid: A Sweet Path to Renewable Chemicals”

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October 2011, 22(9).

Speaking Highlights

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Cleaning Products USA
October 2015

Unlocking Applications for Bio-based Chemicals through a Novel Sugar Acid Platform

World Bio Markets – USA
October 2014

A Bio-based Glucarate Builder: Mechanism, Performance, and Multifunctionality

104th Annual AOCS (American Oil Chemists’ Society) Meeting
May 2013


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