Ronald Meeusen, PhD

Managing Partner, Cultivian Ventures

A founding partner of Cultivian Ventures, Dr. Meeusen has more than three decades of experience bringing new technologies and products to market for a number of major corporations. His background includes R&D in agricultural chemicals; field crop and vegetable genetics and breeding; novel foods; and animal health.

In 1986 he planned and conducted the world’s first field trial of a genetically engineered crop trait, and then consulted with the government during formation of federal policy on biotechnology regulation.  His subsequent career included R&D leadership roles for Sandoz Seeds and Seminis Vegetable Seeds, and leading the expansion of Dow AgroSciences’ biotechnology research and development program.  Dr. Meeusen later founded ImmuneWorks, inc., a biopharma company whose board he chairs, and drafted the initial development strategy for Indiana’s food and ag economy before launching Cultivian Ventures.