Rivertop® Renewables Begins Commercial Production of Riose® Detergent Builder

Sustainable products based on proprietary renewable chemistry offer solid performance at low cost for formulation flexibility

(October 7, 2015) MISSOULA, Mont. Rivertop Renewables, a Montana-based novel chemicals company, today launched its Riose® detergent builder, a cost effective, performance-based, sustainable builder solution for the dishwasher detergent market and adjacent consumer products markets. The company has begun commercial production for delivery to customers in the consumer products industry.

Traditionally, phosphates had been the primary ingredient used to reduce spotting and filming in dishwashing detergents. However, phosphates have been removed from automatic dishwashing detergents in the U.S. and will also be banned in Europe by 2017 due to concerns about nutrient pollution to surface water. 

“Until recently, detergent formulators have had to choose between low-performing citrates or more expensive, non-sustainable synthetics to get the same performance as phosphates,” said Mike Knauf, president and CEO of Rivertop Renewables. “The Riose® builder enables formulators to produce detergents that meet consumer needs for performance, company needs for cost and community needs for sustainability.”

Rivertop’s Riose® builder binds free calcium and magnesium ions in a water soluble complex by sequestering the otherwise insoluble ions in the solution – thereby preventing their re-deposition on glassware in the form of spots or film. Riose® builder, based on glucarate, is derived from natural sugars, is non-toxic and biodegradable.

In addition, Riose® builder provides corrosion prevention without the use of silicate in automatic dishwashing detergent formulations. Under normal washing conditions, consumer cookware and utensils can be highly susceptible to corrosion. Salts and peroxide found in today’s automatic dishwashing formulations can intensify corrosion of metal during the wash cycle. Riose® minimizes the corrosive effects of detergents on steel, aluminum and glass. By combining chelation, corrosion prevention and alkalinity, Riose® offers multi-functionality for today’s detergent formulations.

Extensive performance testing at Rivertop’s dishwasher lab, one of the largest in the United States, has demonstrated that Riose® detergent builder delivers twice the calcium binding capacity of generic citrates and an equivalent capacity to phosphate and synthetic builders while also preventing corrosion on metals and glass. Rivertop’s patented production process is highly cost-effective, enabling Rivertop to produce and sell Riose® at a cost that is competitive with other, less effective or less sustainable solutions.

The company is currently producing Riose® for customers at commercial scale in a plant operated by DTI in Danville, Virginia. More information is available at www.rivertop.com.

About Rivertop Renewables
Based in Missoula, Montana, Rivertop Renewables is a producer of novel performance chemicals derived from all natural resources. Merging proven science with renewable feedstocks, Rivertop Renewables is creating an abundant and economical supply of sustainable, biodegradable and non-toxic chemicals and bioproducts derived from sugars. More information is available at rivertop.com.