Outperforming commodity chemicals and lowering the total cost of the finished detergent.

Rivertop’s Riose® detergent builder is an effective, renewable and safe replacement for phosphate builders whose use in detergents has been restricted through legislation and industry leadership. Riose builder enables automatic dishwashing detergents to meet consumer performance standards at a lower total cost of formulation.” Based on Rivertop’s proprietary and sustainable oxidation technology platform Riose® Detergent Builder is derived from natural & renewable raw materials.


Finally, a cost-effective, performance-based, sustainable builder solution for the consumer detergent market. Phosphates have been banned from automatic dishwashing detergents in the U.S. and will also be banned in Europe by 2017 due to contributing to nutrient pollution to surface water. Until recently, formulators have had two alternatives: low-performing citrates or more expensive, non-sustainable synthetics. Riose® Detergent Builder bridges the cost-performance gap created by the limited options currently available and brings additional solutions to the detergent formulator’s toolbox.


With the introduction of Riose detergent builder, Rivertop Renewables is the first to bring a cost effective, performance-based, sustainable builder solution to the consumer detergent market. Performance and cost are two key factors of any detergent component and Riose builder delivers strongly in both of these areas while also being sustainable. Extensive performance testing across multiple automatic dishwashing formulations—including premium, mid-tier and value platforms—has demonstrated that Riose detergent builder adds significant economic value to the detergent formulator and an enhanced performance experience in the hands of the consumer.


Riose detergent builder binds free calcium and magnesium ions in a water soluble complex by sequestering the otherwise insoluble ions in solution – thereby preventing their re-deposition on glassware in the form of spots or films. Extensive performance testing has demonstrated that Riose detergent builder:
  • Delivers 2X the calcium binding capacity of generic citrates, and equivalent capacity to phosphate and synthetic builders.
  • Delivers greater consumer satisfaction, heightened brand differentiation and increased market share through superior end-product performance.
In addition to providing superior performance, this novel, bio-based chemical can reduce total formulation cost across premium, mid-tier and value-end products and is safe for the environment based upon its chemical composition and renewable raw material position.