Rivertop’s chemicals and engineered bioproducts originate from – and eventually break down to become – organic matter and gases. Uniquely, Rivertop’s chemicals and derivatives can be engineered with chemical structures of variable characteristics, biodegrading faster or slower based on their functional requirements – not simply their material application.


Every carbon atom found in Rivertop’s chemicals comes from renewable sources. Rivertop’s oxidation process essentially “recycles” carbon previously found in the natural environment. The biodegradation of such chemicals does not contribute new sources of carbon to the atmosphere.


Rivertop’s patented technology platform enables versatility both upstream and downstream. Leveraging a variety of sugars (such as glucose, one of the world’s most abundant and least expensive sugars), as well as others derived from a variety of sources (like grains, grasses and wood), we produce glucaric acid. This leading renewable chemical has applicability in several markets, including consumer and industrial cleaning, food and beverage, oil and gas, transportation, building materials, adhesives, films and fibers. In addition to glucaric acid, we can also utilize a range of sugars and sugar alcohols to produce the corresponding acid. VIEW TECHNOLOGY MAP TO LEARN MORE