Rivertop® Renewables Introduces Waterline™ Family of Products for Water Treatment Applications

Sustainable products based on proprietary renewable chemistry that offer a solid performance at low cost for formulation flexibility

(September 9, 2015) MISSOULA, Mont. Rivertop Renewables, a Montana-based novel chemicals company, today launched Waterline™ corrosion inhibitors and chelating agents, a new family of cost effective, high performance and sustainable chemicals designed to be integrated with products in the water treatment industry. The new products are high performance, low cost alternatives to phosphate-based options in water treatment formulations.

The replacement of phosphorus and heavy metal based ingredients is an ongoing challenge across multiple industries that use large volumes of process and cooling water in their operations, such as power generation, oil & gas, mining, metals, pulp & paper, and many others. Rivertop’s proprietary sugar acid technology platform offers—for the first time at commercial scale — a range of versatile organic corrosion and scale inhibitors to help meet this challenge.  

Waterline SI chelating agents help control and prevent hard water scale accumulation while Waterline CI corrosion inhibitors offer formulation flexibility as well as superior environmental performance compared to other corrosion inhibitors.

“Over time, water can have negative impacts on tanks and pipes,” said Mike Knauf, Chief Executive Officer of Rivertop. “By formulating Waterline corrosion inhibitor and chelation chemistries into water treatment products, cooling and process water professionals can better maintain infrastructure and improve the overall performance of facilities – with sustainable ingredients made from renewable sources.”

Waterline products are produced at commercial scale in a plant operated by DTI in Danville, Virginia. Rivertop sells direct to water treatment service companies and plans to establish a network of resellers. More information is available at www.rivertop.com.

About Rivertop Renewables
Based in Missoula, Montana, Rivertop Renewables is a producer of novel performance chemicals derived from all natural resources. Merging proven science with renewable feedstocks, Rivertop Renewables is creating an abundant and economical supply of sustainable, biodegradable and non-toxic chemicals and bioproducts derived from sugars. More information is available at rivertop.com.