Corrosion Inhibition

Corrosion impacts a wide variety of consumer and industrial areas creating a need for inhibitors that control and mitigate the negative functional and economic impacts. For example, corrosion inhibitors added to road deicing brines help to protect the integrity and prolong the life of snowfighting fleets, private vehicles and highway infrastructure alike.  

Corrosion Inhibition

Corrosion inhibitors for road de-icing

The escalating cost to repair and replace vehicles, snowfighting equipment and highway infrastructure corroded by deicing liquids is increasing the need for effective corrosion inhibitors. Through creative science and product development, Rivertop has emerged as market leader in reducing the corrosiveness of salt brine.

Corrosion inhibitors for industrial water treatment

By leveraging our technology base and applications knowledge across other market applications Rivertop is becoming the development partner of choice for sustainable and renewable corrosion inhibitors for water treatment markets. Rivertop products have shown promise in cooling tower applications along with additional developing market applications in industries such as Oil & Gas.

Corrosion inhibition as a functionality of detergent builders

Controlling corrosion in an automatic dishwashing environment is a key goal of formulators across the consumer detergent market. Rivertop detergent builders offer dual functionality – water softening and corrosion inhibition – from the same chemistry and allow formulators greater flexibility in choosing and combining ingredients.

Corrosion Inhibitors