Mitigating the impact of water hardness through effective chelation is of broad interest to a number of consumer and industrial markets. The types of chemistry typically used in chelation often create undesired side effects, especially from an environmental impact. At Rivertop has we have brought our sustainable and renewable technology and product platform to bear in these important applications and now offer more environmentally sound solutions to market needs.


Chelation solutions for consumer and I&I detergents

The withdrawal of phosphates from detergent formulations for environmental reasons has created a performance gap that remains relatively un-filled by cost-effective alternatives. Riose® detergent builder effectively fills this performance gap in a cost-effective and sustainable way that allows formulators to regain lost performance without sacrificing environmental integrity.

Chelation solutions for water treatment

Scale build-up in industrial systems such as cooling towers can have a serious impact on the performance efficiency and operational integrity of those systems. Although many existing chelants are available, they typically result in compromise across performance, compatibility, and environmental impact. Rivertop’s technology offers a no-compromise alternative in water treatment applications.

Chelation solutions for personal care

Chelation plays an important role in the functionality of personal care products from metal binding properties to the anti-microbial preservation of personal care products. Rivertop’s sugar acid-based products bring naturally derived alternatives to many of the synthetic compounds currently used in this sensitive area.


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