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The Department of Energy has identified glucaric acid as one of the most important chemicals that can be produced from renewable resources, with a market potential of $7.4 billion to $19.8 billion. Determining a method for economical production has been the key to unlocking that enormous opportunity.

Founded on proven oxidation science, Rivertop’s platform technology can produce glucaric acid and other sugar acids on an industrial scale.

Founded on proven oxidation technology, Rivertop’s platform technology can produce glucaric acid and other specialty chemicals at an economical price and on an industrial scale. These sugar acids enable formulators and performance chemical end users to create new, biodegradable products and new market opportunities. Rivertop is accelerating the adoption curve of its novel chemicals by collaborating with other companies and research organizations to solve problems in areas such as chelation, corrosion inhibition, acidification, dispersion and absorption.

The technology map below demonstrates the potential reach of Rivertop’s oxidation technology. It explores suitable feedstocks, producible chemicals, and the applications they can serve in consumer and industrial markets.

Rivertop’s platform production process is characterized as:

  • Versatile – Rivertop’s platform can create several building block and high-value chemicals by utilizing a variety of natural sugar feedstocks. These novel chemicals provide unmatched innovation possibilities and unique performance characteristics that offer new value potentials over existing chemicals.
  • Economical – Rivertop’s platform is an innovation in chemistry that can be scaled rapidly with industry-leading capital requirements.
  • Sustainable – In adherence with the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry, Rivertop’s responsible production produces economical, effective, and biodegradable chemicals that do not pollute the environment or threaten human health.